Our reading class is split into two individualized classes that cater towards the students' varying skill levels and builds upon differing skill sets. This currently includes Intermediate Reading for students from grades 3-6, and Advanced Reading for students from grades 6-8.


The reading courses we provide have an advanced, developed curriculum where the mentors explain, analyze, and discuss important classical and contemporary literary works, poetry, and short stories. 


The writing courses we provide are split into two levels for maximized instruction and benefit for varying writing skill levels: Intermediate (Grades 3-6) and Advanced (Grades 6-8).

Our classes follow a thorough and refined curriculum where the students are taught advanced vocabulary, grammar, and literary techniques along with numerous writing types and styles including creative, persuasive, expository, and analytical writing. The students will be given weekly writing with returned comments and feedback from instructors, but the classes are stand-alone and we welcome all new students between sessions!


We offer customized and individualized tutoring sessions for students from grades 3-8 to maximize the best instruction required for the individual student. Ranging from review sessions on important math subjects to specific homework help and practice, mentors will ensure that the students are well-prepared in their particular math topic areas.

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