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Offering free and accessible educational support to younger students.


East Bay Scholars is a non-profit organization that offers free and accessible classes to those in need. We provide elementary and middle school students grades 3-8 with accessible classes free of cost so that they have the resources to develop the necessary skills and abilities to master the subjects. 

We are passionate and dedicated to helping our community, and you can help us by donating and supporting us today!

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Our classes include intermediate and advanced-level teaching in various subjects: reading, writing, and math. Our organization has a well-developed curriculum as well as experienced mentors who are dedicated towards helping the students progress and improve.

Our reading courses explore and analyze a variety of classical and contemporary literature, including poetry, short stories, and classical novels. Our writing sessions provide students with important lessons on grammar, vocabulary, and different writing techniques. We also offer individualized math courses that are specifically catered towards individual students based on their strengths and weaknesses. 

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Free summer classes/sessions!

Rolling registration

4/24 - 8/16

(16 classes)


Levels: Intermediate (3-6) and Advanced (6-8)

1 Hour 30 Minutes

Students will analyze and discuss contemporary and classical literary works, poetry, and short stories.


Levels: Intermediate (3-6) and Advanced (6-8)

1 Hour 30 Minutes

Our classes follow a thorough and refined curriculum where the students are taught advanced vocabulary, grammar, and literary techniques along with numerous types of writing.

1-1 MATH

Individualized Courses (3-8)

1 Hour

Mentors will ensure that their students are well prepared in their particular math topic areas with review sessions and homework help.

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